Madison Phillips in a candid photo during her basketball days at Brenau.
Madison Phillips in a candid photo during her basketball days at Brenau.

Madison’s Transfer Experience

Mar 2, 2021
Caroline Mutch

My name is Madison Phillips and I currently work at Brenau University as a Freshman Admissions Counselor. I completed my undergraduate degree at Brenau in 2019 with a major in Psychology and I am now in my second year working towards a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership here as well.

I transferred to Brenau after my sophomore year of college and there were many factors that played into this decision. I loved the school from which I was transferring, but ultimately, I wanted to leave because I was unhappy with the basketball side of my college life. I have played basketball since I was seven years old and it was no longer fun for me at the previous school that I was attending. So, I decided that I needed to make a change. I considered staying at that school and just quitting basketball, but I knew that I would only have the opportunity to play in college for a small window of time and I was not ready to let it go, so I decided to pursue other options.

Madison Phillip's headshot for Admissions Specialist

My main priority in choosing a school was to find a place where I saw myself being happy. This included a place where I would have academic and athletic support, make friends and be involved on campus. I visited many schools when I was in the process of making my decision and when I visited Brenau I could tell that there was a closeness about the community that I appreciated. After choosing Brenau, I knew I had made the right decision. The empowerment, leadership opportunities and overall sense of confidence that I gained from being a student in The Women’s College was amazing.

As far as basketball goes, I ended up being so much happier as an athlete at Brenau. My coach cared about our team both on and off the court –  which was exactly what I was looking for. Our team was like a family and that is exemplary of the entire Brenau community.

The faculty at Brenau was always there to help when I needed them, whether academically or personally. I gained an appreciation for our small class sizes and I feel as though I received a better education because of the one-on-one attention that I received from my professors. At Brenau, when a professor or faculty member writes a letter of recommendation for you, they can actually speak to who you are because they take the time to get to know you. This is something that I did not experience at my previous school because it was so much larger.

Overall, both the academic and athletic side of my college experience was much better when I transferred to Brenau and I am grateful for that decision every day.