Home Away From Home

Mar 30, 2020
Sydney Hencil

“What university will you be going to?” is one of the most asked questions to a high school senior only second to “What will you major in?” By that time I only knew two things; I wanted to travel and I wanted to major in mass communications. I did not want to stay in my home country, Zimbabwe, to study so the opportunity to travel presented itself when I was accepted into the Rotary Georgia Student program. And so a year later I began my journey at Brenau University.

Coming from a small African country, studying in the United States was only just a dream. Now, almost two years later, I am still awestruck by the beauty of Brenau and the communitarian-based southern personalities. The Gainesville campus of Brenau is a historic campus. The buildings look so beautiful that it makes me feel amazing. Coming here was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The community in the school is so welcoming, it is hard not to be involved on campus. There are so many clubs and activities that keep you busy and help build a community that you will soon end up calling this place home. I myself found a sisterhood in the Competition Dance Team and found a family in the International Club and HerCampus online magazine chapter at Brenau.

The people here play a great role in making you feel welcome. I don’t know what it is about this place, but I now call it home. I always like to say that the right university will find you, just like it did with me. So my answer to ‘what university will you be going to and what will you major in?’ is simple. I go to Brenau University and I am a mass communications major.

By Sydney Hencil
sophomore, Mass Communication/Media Studies