Panamanian student and Finance major Alberto Ortega

Get to know Panamanian student Alberto Ortega

Jun 24, 2021
Caroline Mutch

In this series, we are introducing you to the new students from Panama who Brenau welcomed as part of the university’s new partnership with the Institute for the Development of Human Resources (IFARHU), Panama’s financial aid agency. Please be sure to give them a warm Brenau welcome when you see them around campus!

Name: Alberto Ortega
Major: Finance
Hometown and Province: David, Chiriquí Province

Tell us a little bit about your family.
My mom, Luz, teaches English in Panama. My father, Alberto, is a public carrier. I’m an only child, and my family is small. I live with my mother and two Siberian huskies, Doko and Osito. I like to visit my grandparents to spend time with them and my baby cousin, Lia. She is so cute and beautiful.

Describe your personality.
I consider myself to be kind, patient, generous, respectful, creative and athletic. My parents taught me to be better every day and never give up. I am sometimes shy, but always respectful of others.

What are your hobbies?
I like to play guitar, write and read.

What are three things you like?
Hiking, cooking and playing soccer and football.

What are three things you dislike?
Cold weather, alcohol and soup.

What is your favorite food?

What is something you love about Panama?
I like the weather in Panama, which is not as cold as here in the U.S. Also, I love Panamanian food and think it is very delicious. I am also very proud of the Panama Canal, one of the greatest works of humanity.

Why did you decide to come to the U.S.?
I decided to travel to the United States because I thought this was my best opportunity to learn a new language and gain new knowledge about my future career. Also, I’m very curious and like to try new things. This is a country full of culture and good opportunities for my future, and my experiences here can help my family and community in Panama.

What have you enjoyed the most since coming to Brenau?
I have enjoyed every trip and activity here at Brenau University. I have also enjoyed American food, which is incredible. The landscapes here are on another level, and the people are too kind and generous. I’m so thankful for that hospitality.

What is on your must-do list while you are in the U.S.?
Visiting New York City is a little dream I hope I fulfill. I would also like to go to Disney World. When I was a child, I liked to watch Disney Channel and always imagined that I was there with all my favorite characters.

What are you most looking forward to as part of the International Friendship Program?
I want to share my culture and knowledge — about what it means to be Panamanian and how our countries are so similar. I would also like to meet another family with different ideals, so I can know what it is like to be an American — where they come from, what makes this a country with such a rich culture and much more.

Is there anything else about yourself or your culture that you would like to share?
I am a very patient and considerate person with others. I know what it means to have no one who can help or understand you. I like to help all people. I am also very spiritual and thoughtful. I want to share more about my culture in a peaceful environment where our ideas can fly and be free.