Exercise Science student taking pulse of another student

Exercise Science: the Study of Human Movement

Sep 16, 2020
Sydney Hencil

As an athlete and senior Women’s College student, Jasmine Reese ties her laces and heads over to the track field, she can’t help but think about what her life would be like without sports. It was one of the reasons she chose to study exercise science at Brenau. “I have always wanted to work with athletes and stay in sports. So this was the best major for me,” she said.

Exercise science is the study of human movement (including biological, physical and health sciences) which help explain the structural and functional changes that occur in our bodies. The program at Brenau University prepares students for careers in adult fitness, work site health promotion/corporate fitness, personal training, clinical exercise and other related fields. “My dream job would be to become an athletic trainer for a professional sports team,” Reese said.

The exercise science program prepares students to work in fitness management, program management, sports skills development and enhancement, strength and conditioning and related topics.

Some of the careers available after attaining a degree in exercise science include:

Athletic Director
Community Program Director
Massage Therapist
Recreation and Sports Director
Sports Coach
Sports Facility Manager
Strength and Conditioning Coach

It is also important to note that many careers in the health/fitness field require graduate level coursework. This makes exercise science the perfect program to prepare you for graduate study in physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, medical school, sports medicine, public health and other professional health science programs.

“I would like to become a physical therapist,” said Paola Benitez Hernanedz, a junior in the program, “This degree will be a very helpful stepping stone in preparing me with in-depth knowledge for graduate school.”

Graduate level careers include:
Physician (MD or DO)
Exercise Physiologist
Registered Dietician
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant

But why choose exercise science at Brenau? Small class size and hands on experience rank at the top with Brenau students. Reese says her favorite part about the program at Brenau is its size. “This program is very hands on and has a good class size,” Reese said, “It is a lot easier to talk to the department head or get the help I need when I can.” And according to Hernandez, “Professors are very hands on and allow students many opportunities to get actual experience.”

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