2021 Dance Seniors Gracie Metcalf, Lauren Rathmann, Shania McAmis, Dejah Williams. Photo by AJ Renolds.

Dance as a Major

Apr 27, 2021
Sydney Hencil

Dance is more than just an art, it is a craft.  The Department of Dance at Brenau University helps students to hone their skills, educating each individual as a dance practitioner, scholar and artist.  The dance program allows students to thrive in a creative, supportive and challenging environment.  

“One of my favorite aspects of the program is the space we have to create and showcase our own work,” said Laila Grover, a freshman dance major with a concentration in ballet.

Brenau’s dance program offers concentrations in:

  • Advanced Ballet Concentration
  • Modern Dance Concentration
  • Jazz/ Musical Theatre Concentration
  • Dance Pedagogy Concentration
  • Pre-OT (Occupational Therapy) Concentration
  • Pre-PT (Physical Therapy) Concentration

Additionally, students receive a solid foundation in classical ballet, modern and jazz dance.  Students are also required to take courses in production, choreography, pedagogy, dance history and other courses related to the art form which allows for deeper understanding and knowledge for the craft.  The department holds multiple shows a year allowing for students the opportunity to audition and perform, giving them the background and experience to begin making works of their own.  Guest artists are often invited for workshops.

“One of the reasons I chose to come to Brenau was because I enjoyed the guest teachers and multiple genres of dances offered,” said Grover, who hopes to end up joining a ballet company and keep dancing and creating when she graduates.

To learn more about Brenau’s Dance program, visit the department website at https://www.brenau.edu/fineartshumanities/dance/.