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Am I Focused Enough For College?

Mar. 22, 2020
Ashley Watson

In preparation for college, high school students focus on getting the right grades and test scores to be admitted into the University of their choice. Once they are accepted by their college of choice students and parents think about other things like furnishing their dorm rooms. But no one never stops to ask themselves if they are mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with being a college student. Being in college takes a lot of discipline: Disciplining yourself to go to bed and wake up, to study, being on time, etc. It takes sacrifice for a bigger picture in mind.

Once you get to college it’s very easy to lose sight of the reason why you’re there. College has a lot of attractive qualities: New and interesting people to meet, no curfew, parties. None of those things are bad as long as students don’t forget the main reason as to why they came to school: To work. To earn a degree that will open doors for them professionally. As a college student you must stay focused on your long term goals so you won’t allow other things to distract you. But what if you don’t really care about that? Some young people don’t take school that seriously, even in high school. So when they go to school they mainly focus on the fun aspect and treat their class work as extra-curriculars. Going to college may feel like a vacation, but it’s not. College is too costly for you to be there to have fun.

If you feel like you aren’t going to take your classes seriously there are other post high school opportunities. Internships or job shadowing is a nice way to get training without too much commitment. It doesn’t cost and it may help you to visualize your future ambitions. Also, you could work full or part time. Travelling or volunteering are other great options because it gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself, others and the world you live in.

School takes serious commitment. Make sure that this is important to you. Most people say that if you don’t go to college right away than you never will, but that may not be the case for all students. College will always be around when you’re ready for it. People of all ages attend college. If you come back a few years later your reason for attending will only be stronger.

By Ashley Watson
Music major, English minor

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