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A group of students work together during the 2017 mock mediation tournament held at Brenau.

A group of students work together during the 2017 mock mediation tournament held at Brenau.

Conflict Resolution & Legal Studies

Oct 13, 2020

When Rebecca Watts first came to Brenau University, she was a music major.  Along with her passion for music, she also had a strong affinity for the study of law and wanted to take that passion a little further. “I didn’t want to be an attorney,” Watts said.  After doing some research, she came across […]

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Award Winning Marguerite Derricks professional headshot

Virtual Guest Speaker: Award Winning Choreographer Marguerite Derricks

Oct 06, 2020

Join us on October 9th from 3:30-4:30 PM as Award winning choreographer Marguerite Derricks will be sharing her time with us discussing her career and what it takes to make it professionally. You won’t want to miss this virtual event presented by Brenau University Dance Department! Marguerite is one of dance’s most recognized and respected […]

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Dr. Timothy Tolbert, Exercise Science Program Director

Dr. Timothy Tolbert works with students in an anatomy class on basic exercise science skills.

Faculty spotlight: Dr. Timothy Tolbert, Exercise Science Program Director

Sep 25, 2020

Recently, Exercise Science Program Director, Dr. Timothy Tolbert chatted with us about Brenau’s Exercise Science program. Dr. Tolbert has stated an Exercise Science degree opens the door to a range of career opportunities and it is his goal as director of the program to prepare students for a career in exercise science and any health […]

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Choosing the Right College for You

Sep 23, 2020

Choosing the right college for you can be a difficult decision. But, fear not! Here are a few helpful tips to consider and put you on the right path. Figure out what YOU want to doHaving an idea as to what you would like to study in college can definitely help narrow down your search.  […]

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Exercise Science student taking pulse of another student

Exercise Science: the Study of Human Movement

Sep 16, 2020

As an athlete and senior Women’s College student, Jasmine Reese ties her laces and heads over to the track field, she can’t help but think about what her life would be like without sports. It was one of the reasons she chose to study exercise science at Brenau. “I have always wanted to work with […]

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Preparing Yourself for Success: A College Guide for First Year Students, Part Two

Jul 09, 2020

Your body is a vessel for your mind. In order for your mind to be at its best and achieve the greatness you are capable of, you must take care of your whole self. Take care of your body. Your physical health is important to staying on top of your studies. Brenau’s Fitness Center is […]

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Adrianna’s Study Abroad Experience

Jun 25, 2020

College brings many once in a lifetime opportunities. One of those opportunities is the study abroad experience. If you are ever presented with the chance to study overseas – take it! I wish that I could describe what the study abroad experience is like, unfortunately, I never looked for the opportunity. To learn more about […]

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Take Your Shot: The Student Athlete Experience

Jun 25, 2020

Are you interested in becoming a college student athlete? If you’re considering that path, then read this article. Cameron Mims, a psychology major at Brenau University, tells me what it really means to be a student athlete and how she handles it all. Ashley: When did you start playing sports and was being a college […]

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Preparing Yourself for Success: a College Guide for First Year Students, Part One

May 29, 2020

Your time in college will be memorable- no matter when you start your journey. Make the most of your time by setting yourself up for success. Meet with your academic advisor Your advisor and professors are a valuable resource for scheduling classes and graduation requirements. Backup ALL computer files! Be a mindful learner Pay attention […]

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Laptop with coffee mug

Moving Forward Together

Apr 21, 2020

Our university president Dr. Anne Skleder said recently in a video to faculty and staff, “Brenau is moving forward. We are working toward the future and acting in the present.” This is a powerful message; one that we want to share with you. In admissions, we have moved forward. Even though we are unable to […]

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Home Away From Home

Mar 30, 2020

“What university will you be going to?” is one of the most asked questions to a high school senior only second to “What will you major in?” By that time I only knew two things; I wanted to travel and I wanted to major in mass communications. I did not want to stay in my […]

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My Transition from Residential to Online Student

Mar 26, 2020

As I’m writing this, it’s officially been a week since I received the email that on-ground classes at Brenau have been cancelled and moved online due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When I realized that on ground classes were cancelled for the whole semester I thought, like many students, that our school officials were overreacting. But […]

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Magnifier and question mark on yellow background. Horizontal composition with copy space.

Am I Focused Enough For College?

Mar 22, 2020

In preparation for college, high school students focus on getting the right grades and test scores to be admitted into the University of their choice. Once they are accepted by their college of choice students and parents think about other things like furnishing their dorm rooms. But no one never stops to ask themselves if […]

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We Are Still Here For You!

Mar 20, 2020

Brenau University faculty, staff and students are simply an amazing group of people. We are witnessing acts of kindness and consideration by everyone in the Brenau community on a daily basis as we navigate the ever changing environment we are all experiencing. Everyone at Brenau has stepped up, taken on additional responsibilities and completely redesigned […]

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A Whole New World

Mar 10, 2020

College- the dictionary definition from Google states: “This is an educational institution or establishment that provides higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.” But to me, and I’m sure 99.9 percent of other students, college is a whole new world. A world that can feel like a battle field some days. I came to […]

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