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Brenau Voices: Xu "Lilac" Kanjun

Brenau Voices: Xu “Lilac” Kanjun

Mar 01, 2022

Xu “Lilac” Kanjun is painting her future’s canvas at Brenau Living thousands of miles away from her home, family and friends in China, Xu “Lilac” Kanjun is forging her own path at Brenau University.  The senior interior design major is finishing her senior year on the historic Gainesville campus, along with nine other Chinese students […]

Aisa Goforth, BUGS president

Brenau Voices: Aisa Goforth

Dec 02, 2021

Aisa Goforth, BUGS’ president who has a knack for gardening If you’ve visited Brenau’s garden, you’ve probably seen Aisa Goforth.  Each week, the senior interior design major can be found hunched over, hands in the dirt,  tending to the tomatoes, okra, strawberries and other blossoming plants within the fenced space.  “It’s a lot of fun […]