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Close-up detail of a stone marker engraved with the Brenau Ideal

“Love Deeply, Fear Nothing, Hate Never.”

Jun 01, 2020

The recent events around our country and in our own communities are weighing heavily on my heart and mind. While I am aware that I do not have the lived experience to say that I begin to know how those — especially our students, staff and faculty — feel as they continue to face racial […]

Pearce Auditorium against cloudy sky.

Brenau University's Pearce Auditorium is a 700-seat, 19th century opera house dedicated on May 21, 1897, as “the largest of its kind in the South.” - photo by Scott Rogers

Higher education does make America greater

Apr 06, 2018

  Political agendas can’t change facts: Colleges boost our nation’s economy and brainpower We are not hearing much blather these days from opportunistic politicians and sensationalist cable TV talk show pundits about their perceived “reforms” through legislation and regulation that collectively amount to a piecemeal assault on America’s higher education system. Many of the attacks […]