Giselle Lucas Delacruz, Javier Díaz de León, Anne Skleder, Corinna Mendieta Jimenez
Senior Giselle Lucas Delacruz, Mexican Consulate General Javier Díaz de León, Brenau President Anne Skleder and junior Corinna Mendieta Jimenez at the IME Becas signing Friday, Aug. 5. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau, Mexican Consulate renew grant agreement

Aug 5, 2022
Alyson Shields

Brenau University has received a grant renewal from the government of Mexico that allows first-generation Mexican-American students to pursue higher education at the university. Brenau hosted Consulate General Francisco Javier Díaz de León and Gabriela Cobos Uribe from the Mexican Consulate for a signing ceremony formalizing the grant Friday, Aug. 5, on the historic Gainesville campus.

The grant is funded via the Institute for Mexicans Abroad scholarship program, or IME Becas, with “becas” meaning “scholarship” in Spanish. It totals $6,000. Brenau supports this global initiative through the university’s recently established Miller Institute of Global Education by matching the funds to create the scholarships, which will be awarded to six students this year.

“The IME Becas grant benefits students of Mexican origin, especially first-generation students,” Brenau Senior Admission Counselor Maria Iniguez said. “The IME Becas-funded scholarships help reduce the cost of tuition, allowing students to focus on obtaining a university degree.”

Iniguez, who was involved in obtaining the grant partnership, said the grant money makes a difference. 

“It’s a great impact to get the money from IME Becas, which can be used for anything, from books to tuition,” she said.

Javier Díaz de León, Anne Skleder
(AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau is one of five colleges and universities in the state to receive IME Becas grants in 2022. It is Brenau’s fourth consecutive year earning the grant. 

The Miller Institute was established in February to advance the university’s globalization efforts. The institute aims to develop Brenau students who are equipped to meet the changing needs of our community and the world.

Junior nursing major Corinna Mendieta Jimenez earned the scholarship last year. Mendieta Jimenez was born in Texas, but both her parents hail from Guanajuato, Mexico. 

“Earning this scholarship feels like family helping family,” she said. 

She said the scholarship allowed her to pursue her dreams and connect with her culture.

“Being Mexican has taught me to always help out my people, and earning this scholarship is an example of how our people in the Mexican Consulate have helped me,” she said. “I already love Brenau, and thanks to the scholarship, I have been able to stay at Brenau while continuing to work hard toward my degree.”