Author Tracey Enerson Wood to visit Brenau as part of GOLD Speaker Series

Tracey Enerson Wood headshot

A female author, Tracey Enerson Wood, will share stories of powerful women in history when she speaks to Brenau University students, faculty and staff in mid-September as part of the GOLD Speaker series.

Wood, author of The President’s Wife and two other historical fiction novels and two non-fiction books, will speak from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 13. 

The President’s Wife, released in August, is based on the true story of courageous widow Edith Wilson that details her courtship with President Woodrow Wilson, her steadfast wisdom through World War I, and her unflinching tenacity after her husband suffered from a stroke and was unable to carry out his duties.​

“I believe we are at the cusp of finally having a female president. And when we do, I thoroughly hope she is chosen as the person most fit for the job, not just for her gender, for if she flounders due to inexperience or incompetence, it will set back the cause for women attaining positions of power,” Wood said. “Of all the women in power in our history, I believe First Lady Edith Wilson has come closest to the position of president, so she should be studied for both the positive and negative things she did and the lessons learned from that.”

Each year the GOLD Speaker series brings an empowering speaker to campus to highlight an element of that year’s theme. This year, the “G” year, focuses on gender and the theme is authenticity, alliance and advocacy, and is the first reiteration for the full GOLD Program, which takes place over the course of four years. 

“I’m excited to start the second round of the GOLD Program with such a strong woman,” Assistant Vice President and Dean of the Women’s College Debra Dobkins said. “Female leaders take on all kinds of roles, and Tracey Enerson Wood shows us her power as an author, lifting up an unsung hero in her book, The President’s Wife. I hope our Women’s College students will see how impactful telling each other’s stories can be.”

In addition to her work as a novelist, playwright and non-fiction author, Wood also worked as a registered nurse, started her own interior design company, raised her two children, and supported her husband as he served in the military. She also has a passion for cooking, and has released a cookbook.