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Become a Preceptor and Receive Tax Credits

New Georgia Preceptor Tax Incentive Program (PTIP) offers preceptors up to $8,500 per year in tax credits

Georgia needs more clinicians, and universities with nurse practitioner programs like Brenau need capable and experienced preceptors to prepare our students to treat patients once they graduate.

Universities and clinicians understand the importance of experienced clinicians guiding and mentoring students. This important work is now being rewarded. In April 2019, the legislature with broad and almost universal support amended and passed the Georgia Preceptor Tax Incentive Program (PTIP) and signed into law by Georgia’s governor. Under PTIP, physicians, advance practice registered nurses (APRNs) and physician assistants (PAs) can now register to become preceptors and receive tax credits—a direct reduction in income tax owed—for up to 10 clinical rotations per calendar year. PTIP is retroactive to January 1, 2019, meaning if you precepted students already, you may benefit.

Who Can Become a Preceptor?

Preceptors for nurse practitioner programs like Brenau must:

  • Be a licensed, practicing Georgia physician, advanced practice registered nurse or physician assistant
  • Not currently be receiving direct compensation for teaching medical, osteopathic, APRN or PA students
  • Register with the Georgia Statewide Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) administered by Augusta University

What Counts as a Clinical Rotation?

As defined by PTIP, clinical rotations consist of live, in-state supervision of a student NP enrolled in an eligible private or public training program like Brenau University’s.

Each clinical rotation is counted as 160 hours of clock time. Preceptors can accrue hours across multiple student supervisees at multiple sites.

Clinical rotation hours must be reported by the school the nurse practitioner student is attending in order for the preceptor to claim the tax credit.

What Tax Credits are Available?

Preceptors for APRN programs can claim tax credits for up to 10 clinical rotations (1,600 hours) per calendar year.


  • For clinical rotations 1-3, preceptors can claim $500 per rotation
  • For clinical rotations 4-10, preceptors can claim $1,000 per rotation

APRNs and PAs

  • For clinical rotations 1-3, preceptors can claim $375 per rotation
  • For clinical rotations 4-10, preceptors can claim $750 per rotation

The maximum tax credit a physician can claim is $8,500 per year and for an APRN/PA preceptor $6,375. There is no minimum number of rotations preceptors must complete to become eligible for a tax credit.

For More Information

If you’re interested in learning more, click here to sign up for one of our webinar events detailing more information on PTIP.

How Do I Get Started?

Eligible preceptor candidates must register with Georgia Statewide AHEC. You only need to register once. Online registration is available through Augusta University. Once registered, contact an eligible APRN program to find out about how to connect with student APRNs.

At Brenau University, contact Dr. Amy Malcom, FNP Coordinator, or Dr. Troy Heidesch, Interim Director of Nursing, at +1-770-534-6154 or

Future NPs in Georgia need your guidance and expertise. If you are not already a preceptor taking advantage of the tax incentive program, please consider becoming a nursing program preceptor today!

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