New installation of art pieces in Disque Lecture Hall

Brenau Galleries staff installs collection artwork in campus spaces

Sep 15, 2021
Brenau Staff

by Nichole Ferguson

When you think of Brenau Galleries, you may think of our three rotating exhibition spaces on the historic Gainesville campus. These galleries — Sellars, Presidents and Castelli — host public art exhibitions throughout the year. Sometimes these shows are curated from our Permanent Art Collection, but more typically they feature artwork on loan to the university from outside artists, organizations or venues. These shows are scheduled and planned far in advance and bring new and unique works to campus.

Art Piece

You may then wonder, “Where can I see Brenau’s Permanent Collection art if the exhibition works are on loan?” The answer is: just about everywhere! Brenau’s collection is made accessible to the community through its installation across campus. The Manhattan Gallery at the Brenau University Downtown Center features a permanent installation of collection works that can be visited, but the collection may also be found in our public and academic spaces. These spaces are curated by Brenau Galleries staff to ensure that the collection is properly maintained while being visible to the public.

In 2020-21, Brenau Galleries installed new artwork in campus spaces including the Physician Assistant Studies department and other locations in the Downtown Center, the Burd Center’s Disque Lecture Hall and the Owens Student Center. Some of these works have been moved from other spaces or storage, while some are new donations to the collection. Newly acquired pieces from the exhibition L.A. Stories and from the Norton Legacy Art Collection are among the most recent installations. 

Art Piece

When new spaces on Brenau’s campus are constructed, we assess the potential for installing Permanent Collection work. Likewise, when new works are donated to the collection, we work to find appropriate spaces for them. A primary part of the Brenau Galleries’ mission statement is to ensure that the collection serves as a visible cultural resource, and we fulfill this aspect of our mission by installing artworks around campus so they may be seen and enjoyed by you.