Transfer Equivalency Information

What Courses Will Transfer to Brenau?

Information contained on this page is provided as a tool to aid the prospective student in determining what courses typically transfer to Brenau University. This list is meant to be a guide. It is not all-inclusive, and is updated frequently.

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Brenau University Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy

A grade of “C” or better is required for transfer. Transfer credit is awarded for courses taken at regionally accredited institutions and can not be awarded based on placement tests or non-class credit awarded at other institutions.

The university will accept ALL liberal education courses regardless of the date of satisfactory completion unless the liberal education course is also a major course.

The university will accept major courses taken within 15 years unless listed below.

The university will accept major courses taken within 5 years for the specific courses listed below.

Exceptions to any policy above will go to the dean of the appropriate school for a final decision.

Courses with technical content (e.g. computer programming/applications, etc.) taken over five years prior to admission may not be eligible for transfer.

Changing majors after an admissions decision has been made may alter the eligibility of course that have been already designated on a previous program plan.

Developmental Studies and English as a Second Language Courses do not transfer.

In no case will a student be permitted to transfer more than 65 semester hours of credit (97 quarter hours) from two year institutions to a Brenau program. This 65-hour limit represents the total of all credit taken at all 2 year colleges the student might have attended before applying for admission to Brenau. This 65-hour maximum does not affect Brenau’s minimal residency requirement.

Departments reserve the right to require a student to take a prerequisite course for a Brenau course at a four year institution.

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Liberal Education Courses

Click here for a list of all Liberal Education Courses by Learning Portal and Application.

Business and Mass Communication
MM 250 Intro to Radio/TV
MM 251 Radio Production
MM 302 Television Production/Editing
MM 402 Convergent Media News
MM 450 Communication Law

Acceptance of Education Coursework from other institutions will be determined by the School of Education based on the content knowledge required by the state teacher’s examinations).

Fine Arts and Humanities
ID 233/233L CADD & Lab
ID 333/333L Advanced CADD & Lab
GR 207/207L Digital Graphic Design & Lab
GR 213/213L Typography Design & Lab
GR 314/314L Printing Prod & Publication Des
GR 410 Digital Media Design
FD 320 Computer Design in Fashion

Heath and Science
PY 202 Human Growth & Development
PY 301 Research Methods
OT 320 Neuroscience
BY 209 Anatomy & Physiology I
BY 210 Anatomy & Physiology II
BY 301 Genetics
BY 302 Ecology
CY 305 Biochemistry
CS 100 Integrated Computer Comp