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Memorandum of Understanding Signing at Mexican Consulate by Javier Díaz de León and Anne Skleder

Javier Díaz de León and Brenau President Anne Skleder sign Memorandum of Understanding at the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta on Oct. 9th, 2020.

Grant Providing Scholarships for Mexican Students is Renewed

Oct 28, 2020

“Yes! We got the grant once again!” The excitement radiated from Admissions Specialist Maria Iñiguez upon hearing the news that Brenau was selected once again to receive the IME Scholarship. The IME (Institute for Mexicans Abroad) Scholarships (Becas in Spanish) is a program provided through the Government of Mexico that seeks to expand educational opportunities […]

Home Away From Home

Mar 30, 2020

“What university will you be going to?” is one of the most asked questions to a high school senior only second to “What will you major in?” By that time I only knew two things; I wanted to travel and I wanted to major in mass communications. I did not want to stay in my […]

A Whole New World

Mar 10, 2020

College- the dictionary definition from Google states: “This is an educational institution or establishment that provides higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.” But to me, and I’m sure 99.9 percent of other students, college is a whole new world. A world that can feel like a battle field some days. I came to […]