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Brenau Dreams Scholar Lin Ngo

Meet Lin Ngo, Brenau Dreams Scholarship recipient from Vietnam

Sep 01, 2021

Having spent most of her childhood in Bình Minh, Vietnam, Lin Ngo said she learned not to take for granted the educational opportunities in the U.S. When she was offered a Brenau Dreams Scholarship a few days before fall semester classes started, she didn’t hesitate. “I want to go to medical school,” Ngo said. “Brenau has a […]

IME Becas recipient Getsemani Mojica

IME Becas recipient Getsemani Mojica

IME Scholarship Recipient Getsemani Mojica

Nov 16, 2020

At the beginning of October, Brenau renewed an agreement with El Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior to provide funding and support for Mexican students from low-income households living in the United States who are completing basic or higher education or pursuing technological careers. The recipients recently wrote a letter of gratitude to the […]