Water Music: Handel with Care

Through the Fine Arts information is transmitted, ideas are born, inspiration happens, and individuals begin to consider other possibilities for solving the problems in their lives. Brenau’s Music and Theater Departments have collaborated in a program to raise the awareness of the importance of water in our daily lives.


Georgia State Botanical Garden, Athens, Georgia; Evergreen Concert Series, March 28, 2010; 3 pm

Brenau University, Pearce Auditorium, April 17, 2010; 3 pm

  • 2 Solo piano selections by Brenau music majors
  • 3 solo vocal selections by Brenau music majors
  • Scene from a Brenau Theater senior (Marissa Druzbanski) thesis: “Little Women,” by Allan Knee, Mindi Dickstein, and Jason Howland.
  • Renaissance motets performed by the Vocal Chamber Ensemble of the Music Department:
    Amorosette e ben fiorite rive (Gabrieli)
    Je Deseritee (Anonymous French composer 15th Century)
    Chi sei tu che procacci (Gabrieli)
    Rain storm: all Fine Arts students and faculty


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