Pledge your intention for sustainable living !


Spring is coming to the Brenau campus and green is the color for the sustainable activities that will culminate on Earth Day, April 22nd. This is why we chose a tree to symbolize the wealth of activities in which people can engage to show that they are committed to the concepts of sustainability. The idea is to shape our lifestyle so that we can meet our needs without infringing on the resources needed by future generations. Come participate in the Brenau Green-a-thon!! 

From March 8, 2010, right after Spring Break, until April 1, 2010, a living tree will be placed in the Brenau Trustee Library. “Giving leaves” will be attached representing commitments that students, faculty and staff can pledge to move Brenau toward a more sustainable community. For the weeks leading up to Earth Day, students as well as faculty and staff will be invited to pluck off a leaf and commit to activities that impact the environment, personal lifestyles and economic viability. Watch as the Green-a-thongrows with sustainable action pledges! Results will be reported and the tree will be planted in the ground as part of the Brenau Earth Day celebration.

The project is sponsored by Brenau’s Sustainability Task Force, chaired by Dr. Maria Zayas and the student Servant Leadership group and Brenau Spiritual Life Association, under the direction of Reverend Don Harrison. The tree was donated by Mark Fockele Garden Company, Gainesville, Georgia.

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Photos: Rev. Don Harrison working with students to produce the Green-a-thonleaves that will also double as raffle tickets for prizes


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