Mu Sigma Chi


Dana Cole (L); Esther Sindler (R)


Mission statement:
The purpose of this organization is to promote and generate interest in the many aspects of science and to seek enrichment in every field of math and science. 
What we aspire to do:
  – Provide incoming students with a mentor within their field
  – Sponsor one or more mathematics and/or science related field trips or projects
  – Aquarium
  – Botanical gardens
  – Bodies Exhibit
  – Provide students with opportunities for math and science related service projects within the community.
  – Celebrate accomplishments in math and science (Pi Day, Mole Day, e day). Also, recognize those students with outstanding accomplishments in their math/science journey (jobs, internships, volunteering, grades)
  – To push students to work harder, reason stronger, and achieve greater.
Criteria for initiation
  – Must have a 2.5
  – Have a math or science related major
  – Must be able to come to all meetings
  – Must demonstrate interest
  – Strong understanding or a desire for a stronger understanding 
Executive Board:
President- Dana Cole WC’16
Vice President – Esther Sindler WC’16 Contact:
Treasury – Jasmine Ray WC’16
Secretary – Victoria Adyemi WC’16
Historian – (To be announced)
Campus Relations Officer- MK Jabbia WC’16
General inquiries:, +1-770-534-6299 or +1-800-252-5119 | Admissions:, +1-770-534-6100 or +1-800-252-5119 ext. 6100