Miss Brenau Essay Winner 2010

Miss Brenau 2010

In the application for the Miss Brenau 2010 scholarship competition, the ladies were asked to respond to the following directive:


“Describe a new program that you would like to implement on the Brenau
campus that would enhance the sustainability goals of the University. Develop
a mission statement for the program and explain briefly how you would introduce
the program on campus.”

The judging panel received many excellent responses, but only one could be chosen as the winner. See the winning essay below, written by Brenau freshman Jennifer Venable.

Organic Garden, by Jennifer Venable

Mission Statement:

To grow and manage a fully sustainable organic garden, which will supply healthy, cost-effective fresh vegetables to Brenau’s dining hall.

This proposal would be presented to The Student Government Association for the formation of Brenau’s Organic Gardening program. The garden would be located between the library and the apartments in the open grass area. It could be staffed by both paid workers and student volunteers. The volunteers would work in exchange for credit that can be used in Brenau’s dining hall or campus stores. The paid staff would be hired from the local community. All food grown would be sold at a reasonable and fair price to Brenau for use in the university dining hall. All profits from the sale of food would be used to run and manage the organic garden.

A further effort to positively affect our environment would be to recycle all food waste from the kitchen in the dining hall for use in a composting program for the organic garden. A compost pile is made from bacteria and fungus. Large amounts of organic kitchen and lawn refuse can be turned into a pile of black humus in a short time. Humus can be added to the soil to create more air spaces and reduce clumping of the soil. Another benefit of composting would be to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by recycling all kitchen waste and lawn waste to the composting site.

By planting an organic garden at Brenau University, it could help Brenau become more sustainable. It would be a unique change, and would not only help lead people towards healthy lifestyles, but also positively affect our environment.


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