Brenau Ideal Scholarship Competition

Jan 22, 2015
Lauren Bell

Talent Night for the Brenau Ideal Scholarship Competition will be in Pearce Auditorium tonight, January 22, 2015,  at 7:00 pm. The winners of the 3 catagories – Essay, Oratory and Talent – as well as the 2015 Brenau Ideal will be announced following the talent presentations. The entire campus community is invited to come enjoy the talent presentations and support the candidates. The contestants are: Amanda Buchanan, Sammi Ellias, Bethany Green, Ambriah Griggs, Sara Hubaishi. Shakinah McNeil, Karen Sanchez, Lisa Slysz, Melani Stein, and Bridgett Tiller. Good luck to all of the contestants.