Regional Programs

At Brenau, we’ve designed a college that revolves around your busy life.

In our classrooms, you will join other adults — both men and women — who are working full-time, raising families and going back to school. By concentrating on our curriculum — without sacrificing quality — we have made your goal of earning an undergraduate or graduate degree an attainable aspiration.

For starters, we offer five sites throughout the state of Georgia. And we offer courses — held on evenings and weekends — designed especially for working adults.

You may even earn an undergraduate or graduate degree by taking classes through our Online College. The convenient class hours, the multiple sites, the accellerated semesters — everything is designed so that you can attain the degree you’ve always wanted, but never thought you’d earn.

No more hesitation. No more excuses. At Brenau, not only can you work full-time and earn your diploma, but you can move quickly through your degree and into a new career.