Entry-Level Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

A nursing student works on a simulator with a monitor in the foreground

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Our application deadline is just around the corner, contact us today at admissions@brenau.edu to secure your spot. Our admissions are based on a first come, first served basis.

Already have a bachelor’s or associate degree but want to change careers to nursing? Take advantage of our Entry-Level Accelerated BSN, and complete your degree in as little as 16 months. Students will gain the hands-on clinical experience, leadership skills and research fundamentals needed to pursue a nursing career.

Don’t have a degree yet, or want a non-accelerated program? Check out our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Duration: 16 months
Location: North Atlanta
Class Type: On-Ground

Student opportunities

  • Complete your degree in 16 months
  • Start your path to a stable and fulfilling career
  • Enter a program designed to accelerate you toward success
  • Receive quality instruction in a small classroom setting
  • Join the Brenau Association of Nursing Students and take advantage of leadership opportunities
  • Hone your skills in modern nursing simulation facilities 

Not sure if you qualify? Apply anyway.

Everyone is evaluated on all admissions criteria. However, we may consider those who don’t meet all the requirements, but display talent and experience suitable for admission. If you’re hesitant about your credentials, we encourage you to give it a shot anyway. You may end up being a perfect fit. Contact us today at admissions@brenau.edu.

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Class Fees

Class Fees
Semester 1
NG 315 Professional Nursing at Brenau University $110
NG 345 Foundations of Nursing Practice $270
NG 345L Foundations of Nursing Practice $265
NG324 Health Assessment $212
NG 324L Health Assessment $265
Semester 2
NG 306 Adult Health Nursing $235
NG 306C Adult Health Nursing $100
NG 308C Behaivoral Health Nursing $100
Semester 3
NG 404 Maternity & Women’s Health Nursing $260
NG 404C Maternity & Women’s Health Nursing $250
NG 406C Child & Adolescent Health Nursing $100
Semester 4
NG 432 High Acuity Nursing $270
NG 432L High Acuity Nursing $100
NG 445C Transition to Prof Nsg $100
TOTAL Collected $2,637

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