Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

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Career Opportunities Teaching in public and private institutions, performing, church music positions, professional opportunities, preparation for graduate studies. Course of Study In addition to a selection of education courses, a degree in music education shall consist of 67 hours in music courses, including 14 hours in a concentration (applied classes in ones major instrument that are to be selected from voice, piano, or accompanying), 4 hours in a minor instrument, successful completion of piano proficiency exams, successful completion (earning a C or better) in all music and professional education courses. Students must complete all of the above requirements before student teaching. Students will present a senior recital prior to the semester in which they student teach. Full-time students must register for a performing ensemble each semester they are enrolled as assigned by the director of music. Students must be accepted into the teacher education program by the School of Education, and must complete the specified teacher education sequence. Students should consult their advisor for details and review the Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education in the College of Education Section of this catalog. After successful completion of appropriate standardized teacher examination(s), music education graduates may earn a teaching Certificate which will qualify them to teach grades K-12. No overload fees will be changed when the total semester credits exceed 18 as the result of ensemble participation. All music majors are required to attend a designated number of concerts and recitals each semester.

Brenau University participates in NC-SARA.

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