Bachelor of Arts in Music

Gainesville Day, Women's College
Bachelor's Degree, Undergraduate

This degree provides a comprehensive study in music, as well as a choice of an 18-24 semester hour concentration or minor in an identified discipline: Business, Health Science, Mass Communication, Music or approved alternative field. This program is appropriate for undergraduates who wish to major in music as part of a liberal arts program, irrespective of specific career aspirations. At the same time, the supplemental concentration, especially if further enhanced by a wise choice of additional electives, affords opportunity for graduate and/or vocational opportunities in fields integrating with, or independent of, music. Full-time students must register for a performing ensemble each semester they are enrolled, as assigned by the director of music. All music majors are required to attend a designated number of concerts and recitals each semester. Career opportunities include graduate studies in arts in health care (Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Counseling, Gerontology), Business (Music Industry, Arts Management), Mass Communication, Theatre, or Music (Performance, Opera, Studio teaching, Church music).

Admissions Documents Requirements

Official College Transcripts from all schools attended, Official High School Transcript if less than 30 earned semesters hours at regionally accredited college

Admissions GPA Requirements

Freshman: 2.75 from High School Transcript; Transfer: 2.0 from all College transcripts

Additional Admissions Requirements

All prospective music majors must complete an audition form and attend a Music Audition before enrolling.

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