Meet OT Alumna Temple Moore!

Aug 2, 2019
Michael McPeek

Temple Moore, a 2013 Brenau graduate, is an occupational therapist certified in Global Mental Health and Refugee Trauma who is currently pursuing her Masters in Global Health and Development. Moore’s passion for working with refugees started during her fieldwork experience where she had the opportunity to work with the University of Utah’s Immigrant and Refugee Resettlement Program. After graduation, she worked with the Shepherd center before realizing her passion lied with refugee programs.

Moore’s professional path has since led her to the United Kingdom, where she is enrolled at University College London (UCL). Temple’s dissertation is a critical investigation of the deficits and liminal spaces that constitute the lived experience of asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Temple has also developed programs to serve those in need, such as a life skills group to promote resilience for 15 unaccompanied minors living together in a shelter in Athens, Greece.

Moore would like her career and research “to render meaningful data collection while crossing borders to explore complex perspectives on the intersection between social justice, health and occupational enablement. Eventually, I would like to see OT applied in the realm of global health research and education, especially around the topics of vulnerable populations and disability, humanitarian action, and women’s health. I would like to lead occupational therapy field into innovative project development and implementation to address health needs and human rights of marginalized populations.”