Dr. Susan Stallings-Sahler presenting in Mumbai at ICACN Conference

Apr 16, 2015
Brenau Staff

Brenau’s Dr. Susan Stallings-Sahler has been asked to present at the International conference of Autism, Cerebral palsy and Neurodevelopmental disorders in Mumbai, India from May 1st to May 3rd. The ICACN noted that “We have very closely followed your work in occupational therapy. The work that you have been carrying out is highly commendable and we are keen to share your insights, experience and the recent developments, in the management of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.” Dr. Stallings-Sahler along with co-author Meenakshi Iyer will present their workshop for professionals and parents titled Neuro-Developmental Disabilities: How Therapeutic Intervention Changes the Brain through Neural Plasticity. Follow this link for details of the Iyer & Sahler Workshop. For further information about the conference use this link.