Brenau Online

Online courses available in most disciplines with complete online degrees in liberal studies (two-year), education, business and mass communication, and health and sciences.

Brenau Online

For today’s mobile — and upwardly mobile — learners, Brenau Studies option offers an extraordinary opportunity: Pursue your dreams and ambitions anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Brenau University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs entirely online via the Internet. These programs have no on-campus requirement. Classes are as short as seven weeks. And, students studying on campus also enjoy the availability of online classes.

Hallmarks of Brenau Online:

It’s challenging. The compressed nature of online learning increases the rigor of these courses. All courses require online “attendance” five to seven days each week.

It’s convenient. With no on-campus requirement, Brenau’s online classes are particularly suited to those who work full- or part-time, travel often, or have other constraints. Brenau brings the classroom to you.

It’s powerful. Online collaboration is a fact of modern professional life. Brenau online degree programs use group assignments and virtual teams to emulate the collaborative, connected online workplace of today.

Says Dr. David Barnett, associate vice president for nonresidential programs: “Brenau University’s flexible online options help you improve your life while you’re living it.”

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