We Did It! 100% Employee Participation in the 2014-15 Campus Campaign

Dec 16, 2014
Brenau Staff

Congratulations Brenau faculty and staff! You made history this year. For the first time, 100 percent of the Brenau full-time, ¾-time and ½-time employees stepped up to support the  2014-15 Campus Campaign by pledging or donating individual gifts that total close to $100,000.

Senior Vice President and CFO David Barnett  announced the historic achievement at the annual faculty-staff holiday party at the Brenau Downtown Center Dec. 15. “I congratulate you on this wonderful achievement, which will help Brenau as it continues its mission of providing quality educational opportunities to students.”

Matt Thomas, vice president for external relations and overseer of the ongoing $40 million ForeverGold capital campaign, said the achievement is significant on another level: other prospective donors, specifically foundations and financial support organizations, like to see significant numbers of donors, no matter the size of their gifts, among employees of institutions. If people who work for a university do not believe in it enough to support it financially, he said, how can you expect others to?

“This Campus Campaign represents our true campus spirit,” Thomas said. “This was our opportunity to support our passion, the programs that impact our lives, and our students’ lives that we impact daily. Our dollars are used to fund scholarships, attend conferences, purchase classroom equipment, and ensure that more students fulfill their dreams of becoming Brenau graduates. Through our contributions together we will build a stronger Brenau.”

Barnett said the university Board of Trustees was “thrilled” by the 100 percent faculty-staff support milestone.

“Speaking for the university administration,” Barnett said, “we are grateful to each of you for leading the way in supporting Brenau this year.”