Brenau University Press Launches With Its First Publication

Aug 29, 2011
Rudi Kiefer

Originally published on 10/30/09

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Brenau University has created a publishing arm, Brenau University Press, which will support the mission of the university by making scholarly works and works of more general interest available to the global community in a variety of formats.

The first product will be the memoirs of Gainesville, Ga., media executive John W. Jacobs, Jr., titled The Longer You Live with the official publication date scheduled for mid-November. Jacobs’ book has significance both as a regional history as well as a chronicle of the media pioneer’s work in radio, cable television and other media through the evolution of the industry in the past six decades.

“University presses play a vital role in the world by providing vital outlets for disseminating information that otherwise probably would be buried in esoteric academic journals or tucked away in unused or inaccessible library collections,” said Brenau University President Ed Schrader. “As Brenau takes its position as one of the most important institutions of higher learning in this region, it is essential that we have this sort of outlet to serve both the community of scholars round the world and the public.”

In the next year to 18 months, Brenau University Press will be developing a full plan of operations that will include a well-defined acquisitions and publications strategy and exploitations of new methods of publication, including “electronic book” formats.

However, its first publication will be more traditional: a hardcover book sold by special order and in bookstores.

Jacobs, a Brenau trustee, said he had planned to write his memoirs but had given little thought to how they would be published. “But when I learned that the university was planning to start a publishing arm, it seemed to me to be a natural fit and provides me with another way to support the university,” he explained. All profits from the sale of the book will go directly to scholarships at the university.


Coincidentally, Jacobs was born in Gainesville on Nov. 28, 1922, the same year that the first commercial radio broadcasting license was issue in the United States, to KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pa., and the same year the first license was issued in Gainesville, ironically to a station run by Brenau. So his book is also a personal history of the growth and evolution of his hometown since the 1920s.

Brenau University Press is accepting pre-publication orders of The Longer You Live now for $25 each plus $5 for shipping and handling. Call (770)534-6160 or email for details. Starting on Nov.23, books will be for sale at the Brenau Bookstore, 510 Washington St. SE; Walters House, 305 Boulevard SE.; Northeast Georgia History Center, 322 Academy St.; the headquarters of Jacobs Media, 1102 Thompson Bridge Rd., and other Gainesville locations.

Also, the author plans to appear in several venues in the Gainesville area in the next few weeks to talk about his book and to sign copies for those who request it. The personal appearances begin Sunday, Nov. 22, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the John W. Jacobs, Jr., Business and Communications Arts Building at Brenau at 340 Green St. with a dessert reception to launch Brenau University Press and its first book. The event also commemorates the launch of the university’s radio station, WBCX-FM (89.1) as the “global voice of Brenau” because its signal will now be available over the Internet, over iPhones and through other Web-based communication vehicles. It is free and open to the public, but the university requests you confirm attendance by phone, (770)534-6160, or email,

Check the Website for more details about retail sales locations and Jacobs’ appearances and autograph opportunities.