Two more members of my little gang of prospective Brenau students – Zhou Zi Xuan and Zhang Xinruo. Watch for them showing up on the Brenau Campus next year.

The English and a Second Language program will benefit prospective Brenau students like these, now completing the first portion of their undergraduate studies at their home university in Anhui Provence, China.

Brenau Partners with ON Language for English Language Skills Support

May 2, 2016
Brenau Staff

Brenau University will partner with ON Language, a private South Carolina-based language instruction organization, to offer English-as-a-second-language services on the university’s Gainesville, Georgia, campus. Although ON Language will operate from university offices on the Gainesville campus, the partnership agreement permits it to accept non-Brenau students as well.

The university engaged ON Language primarily to provide support for dozens of international students enrolled in Brenau to improve their English language skills, including the 27 students from Anhui Normal University in China who will complete the last two years of their undergraduate educations at Brenau starting in August. With several of the so-called “2+2 agreements” with Chinese institutions in the works, Brenau expects a steady rotation of about 180 Chinese students in Gainesville on a regular basis when the programs are fully implemented.

“With Brenau University’s intense emphasis on broadening its students’ international experience through both studies abroad and encouraging students from other countries to study here, it is vitally important that we provide services that will help both groups succeed,” said Ray Tatum, Brenau vice president for enrollment services. “The ON Language founders have a splendid track record of helping non-native English speakers gain higher comfort and confidence levels in their day-to-day communications in the United States.”

The Anhui students due to arrive in Gainesville this summer will be fully integrated into Brenau campus life and normal Brenau classes with all other Brenau students. The Chinese students already have had heavy English language preparation and practice in their first two years of their college studies at Anhui. Many of them – as is common for Chinese students desiring to go to colleges and universities in the United States – starting as early as their grade school years. However, Tatum said, there is a huge difference in learning to speak a language in a classroom on the other side of the world and actually speaking it, and understanding it, in Gainesville, Georgia, on a daily basis.

With the partnership agreement for the 2016-17 academic year, Columbia, South Carolina-based ON Language will provide its ENHANCE English language instruction program on the Brenau campus. ENHANCE is designed to help students acclimate to Brenau and the American higher education culture through real-world application of English language skills.

ON Language will operate its administrative and student services offices at Brenau University’s home campus on the third floor in Pearce Auditorium and provide instruction in classrooms on campus.

The company’s flagship intensive English program, or IEP, involves a minimum of 18 hours of instruction per week in five sessions per year. Sessions run nine weeks during the academic year and eight weeks in the summer. In addition to the IEP and the custom ENHANCE program, ON Language offers teacher training, English language tutoring, short courses such as an introduction to the university application process, online courses, English for specific purposes and summer camps for high school students.

ON Language President Khalid Ibrahim and CEO Lenore Morales founded their educational company in 2015 with a commitment to quality English language instruction in a global leadership-oriented environment. Both Ibrahim and Morales have master’s degrees in teaching English to non-English speakers, and both are working toward doctoral degrees. All ON Language courses and programs include special emphasis on intercultural competence and leadership skills development.

“The opportunity to locate at Brenau University is a great privilege,” said Ibrahim, who will direct day-to-day operations in Gainesville. “ We’re excited to be able to serve the university, the local community and our students during the upcoming year, and we’re happy to bring our unique language and leadership curriculum to Gainesville.”Those interested in learning more about ON Language or enrolling in ON Language courses may call the ON Language office at Brenau University at 770-297-5862, visit the school’s website at, or “like” ON Language on Facebook.