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The new Brenau University Golden Tigers website will properly share news, scores and student-athlete spotlights with the public. (Brenau University)

Brenau Golden Tigers Athletics Website Gets Update

Mar 1, 2017
Kristen Bowman

The Brenau University Golden Tigers will release its redesigned athletics website on Thursday, March 2.

The purpose of the redesign is to communicate athletics news, schedules and scores as efficiently as possible, while providing cohesive branding and a clean outlet that does justice to the university’s student-athletes and their achievements.

“Our website re-design will properly showcase the Brenau Athletics brand and the Golden Tigers logo, and it will allow us the flexibility of highlighting the achievements of our athletes through video and other means,” said Brenau Athletic Director Mike Lochstampfor. “Additionally, it will have a new up-to-date look, which we hope will increase traffic to the site. The launch will also coincide with our new sports teams coming online, our transition to new facilities and a new conference.”

The university announced in December 2016 it will leave the Southern States Athletic Conference and join the Appalachian Athletic Conference for the 2017-18 season. It also has plans to add a lacrosse team and competitive shooting team in 2018.

The new website will be an efficient tool for communicating news related to these new teams and the nearly 180 student-athletes currently competing on 14 Golden Tigers athletics teams.

“We’re always looking for the best ways to get news and information out about our students and our community,” said Michael McPeek, director of multimedia publishing for Brenau. “Athletics has a lot of news and stories to share, and this site is a great way to do it.”