Fall Convocation speaker Dr. Carolyn Giberson addresses the Women's College students in Pearce Auditorium, Tuesday, Aug. 27.

2013 Fall Formal Convocation

Aug 27, 2013
Brenau Staff

Students, staff and faculty filled Pearce Auditorium Tuesday afternoon for the 2013 Fall Formal Convocation. Brenau University Professor of Mathematics and Science and convocation speaker, Dr. Carolyn Giberson, left the student body with some sound advice after addressing a few issues that she has found important after her “roughly 82 years as a teacher and student”  — “Thinking is good. Try it.”

The four issues Giberson noted were character, courtesy, a fear factor and the importance of  a “Plan B.” She reminded the student body to “guard your integrity and character carefully,” and to “think of courtesy as the lubricant of social situations, smoothing rough spots that can occur so easily.”

In Giberson’s eyes, there is no need to be fearful going into a new class and doing so increases student’s stress levels. She emphasized the many resources Brenau has to offer, like the Writing Center and Math and Science SPA as well as the faculty themselves.

Also during the presentation, Dr. Debra Dobkins, dean of the Brenau University Women’s College, welcomed the newly arrived freshman and invited them to sign Brenau’s Honor Code.

“Today we assemble to affirm that honor stands at the core of Breanu’s academic mission,” Dobkins said. “While many colleges and universities today wrestle with what honor can and should mean in the 21st century academy, we adhere to our cherished and proven principals. With this pledge we commit to a culture of integrity the honor code stands as the cornerstone of our inclusive community.”

Brenau University’s honor code, which all Women’s College students sign, is a promise to refrain “from every form of dishonesty and cheating in university life and strive to create a spirit of honesty and honor.”