Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016
Rudi Kiefer

Portrait of a future
Brenau Nursing Major:
“Sissi” Chen Anting

“Sissi” Chen Anting

Sissi is a first-year nursing student from Tianchang, Anhui. Her career plans go well beyond the B.S.N. degree. “I’d like to go on and earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice,” she says. “My dream is to treat patients independently, and write prescriptions.”

To escape the tainted air of the major cities in both China and the United States, Sissi would like to work in a smaller town after graduation. “It’s more beautiful, too.”

Women in Anhui province wearing masks to avoid sunDon’t open a tanning salon in China. Not in Anhui Province, anyway, or you may starve. I had thought for sure that the surgeon-style face masks worn by so many women are to ward off air pollution. But Zhang Xinruo just assured me, positively, that it’s to avoid a suntan. Pale skin is considered more beautiful around here. She could hardly believe that American students would perch outside on a bright spring day trying to catch as much sun as possible.

Qingqi motorcycleNow it makes more sense that the pageant queens we talked to off campus (About what? Haven’t a clue.) were covered up to the eyelids.

Zhu YingYing
Zhu Ying Ying (“Ivy”… but I like “Ying Ying” better) is submitting her wish.

I think we signed some sort of “Make a Wish Foundation” greeting card. My wish would be to win one of those gorgeous Chinese motorcycles, especially the Qingqi.

Quiz #2 in class today. They had a long holiday weekend (May 1 – Chinese Labor Day), but I had assigned a hefty bunch of pages in the medical terminology textbook. Let’s hope they did well. I need to grade all this now.

Quiz in Dr. Kiefer's class

Portrait of a future
Brenau Nursing Major:
“Ron” Chen  Gong Yong

"Ron" Chen Gong Yong

Ron is a freshman in the AUCM/BRENAU 2+2 program. His home town is Lu’an in Anhui Province, a city smaller than Hefei, counting “only” 1.6 million in the built-up area and 5.6 million in the metropolis.

Ron enjoys excitement and action in the nursing profession. His goal is to work toward a doctor in nursing degree and then work in an emergency room environment.

“It’s the most professional workplace I know,” he says. “I like the fast-response work setting and its multiple tasks.”

Portrait of a future
Brenau Nursing Major:
“Rhonda” Huan Rong

"Rhonda" Huan Rong

Rhonda’s freshman year in the 2+2 program has her determined to become a nursing educator.

“I am most interested in the health and wellness topic,” she says. “I want to make a difference and practice in a social kind of setting.”

Although she’s a native of Hefei, Anhui, her career plans include a possible nurse practitioner degree at Brenau, and maybe later even work in the United States. “The program offered by Brenau University attracted my attention, and I look forward to being a student in the United States.”

"Dream of China" Poster, Hefei, Anhui, China

Poster outside the Nursing Building: “Dream of China” – the President’s plan for national development, high- level student achievement and innovation.
University front gate is shown in the picture.

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