Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016
Rudi Kiefer

The interesting thing about a comprehensive China experience is that it isn’t a comprehensive experience. It’s more of a collection of snapshots of individual observations that accumulate in great numbers before they unite into some kind of greater mosaic.

One such mental snapshot is that the students here don’t like to be in the sun. There are greenspaces, and the weather has been warm and sunny on many days, but nobody is soaking up any rays. Parasols and surgical masks are popular, especially among the women. It’s funny to even see people in traffic, riding scooters with an umbrella on top to shield against the sunshine. I guess I can remove “basal cell carcinoma” from the medical terms quiz that we’re having tomorrow. Skin cancer is not a major threat under these circumstances.

The students are taking very well to my profiling project with mini-interviews. In fact, they are quite excited to be featured on a website at Brenau University.

The trinkets I brought along went like hotcakes: key-ring whistles for the ladies, necklace-style ID card clips, luggage tags, ballpoint pens, note pads. Mostly made in China, but greatly appreciated with the Brenau insignia added as these items return to their country of origin. I’ll need to bring even more next time since they are so popular. Resolution: be super extra nice to our admissions people for having supplied such a rich bounty of gifts.

Wheeler house: where midpoint of in the journey for Rudi's gifts