Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016
Rudi Kiefer
Xin Yu at AUCM Dining Hall
Medical student Xin Yu points out tons of delicious choices in the AUCM Dining Hall – but it would be helpful if I could read the signs on the windows.

It worked! Fewer sleepy faces today. Especially for a Monday! Instead of slugging through the exercises in the textbook, I show an iStan human medical simulator video that I shot a few years ago at Brenau. Then we go through the video with a handout I made beforehand, working through all the medical terms that come up in the video. Mostly patient assessment, which will be very important in their nursing careers. I want them to be fluent in all the common terms. The mood is much more upbeat than in textbook-only lessons.

Mental Note No.3124 (Food/Dinner topics): Careful with those noodle dishes. You step up to one of the many counter windows, point at what you choose from the plates on display, and a staff person cooks it for you right there.

Ivy here has a special bottle, with a flower added to the water for flavor.Lots of staff behind those counters, there’s a cook at every one of about eight windows, and the dining hall has three  floors. However, they like to heat the liquid part of the dishes to a full 212 degrees, and then they manage to make it even hotter. Against the laws of physics, somehow it seems to acquire the temperature of volcanic lava. There are no trays, so you get to carry your hot bowl to a table. A klutz like me, of course, has to come away with some nasty scalds on his fingers a few times.

Mental Note No.3125 (Food/Dinner topics): People don’t get a soft drink along with their meals. If you’re thirsty, they advise to have a bowl of soup. But most students carry a bottle of water at all times, and they consume it in the course of the day.

Ivy here has a special bottle, with a flower added to the water for flavor.

It’s a Forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica, I think). Personally I’m mourning over the “forget-about-coffee” situation an campus. Got a jar of Nescafe in my room, though.