Monday, April 25, 2016

Apr 25, 2016
Rudi Kiefer

Key differences between Brenau and ASCM  – This place is huge! Not much scalability to make things more conducive to faculty-student interaction, which is not a universally embraced concept here. For example, the classroom is not great for teaching conversational language. It is really a small, traditional-style auditorium in which students all face the same direction and listen to lectures. Interaction is virtually impossible. I’ve got feelers out to find a room with movable chairs.

What this university needs, and I plan to bring it up at the next faculty meeting (ha ha), is some kind of common room, with comfortable seating, where students can get together informally and just shoot the breeze with the teacher. Asked several people and they’ve never heard of something like that. Gawd, I miss the Math SPA! I think our new Chinese students are going to love the close interaction with faculty and other students once they get accustomed to it.

One thing is driving me crazy!! It baffles me –  and I have not found out why yet  –  that some building super routinely locks exit doors from the huge Classroom Building A/B but does not switch off the lighted signs with arrows that point down three flights of stairs to the exits from this cavernous giant. I just spent an entire 10 minutes trying to get out after class. Finally, a housekeeper showed me the door – literally the only open door out of the building. Note to self: find out what would I do if we had a fire?

Class performance, similar to that we occasionally find at Brenau, is very mixed. Some students are highly motivated and working on their English, which is indeed improving.  A few others seemingly are not. I wonder whether the those latter ones really want to come to Brenau for a nursing degree.