So, You Think Online Programs Are Easy?

Feb 4, 2014
Brenau Staff

Online degree programs look easy, right? You can sit around in your pajamas while essentially being lazy. After all, there is no required seat time and you can complete your work whenever you feel like it. Some programs don’t even require you to take courses because they grant credits based on life experience alone. Well, if you have notions that a quality online program is a piece of cake you may be wrong. Actually, according to some students, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Brenau University is the “gold standard” in higher education, and it is not easy. Students find the programs rigorous, challenging, and rewarding. Let’s take a closer look at some of the myths about online programs and the Brenau truths that debunk them.


Myth #1: There’s less work.

Truth: Some think the work is harder.

There is a perception that the workload for an online course is lighter than that of an on-site course, but this is untrue. Students who take part in online degree programs at Brenau University earn the same degree as students who attend class on a campus. Thus, the same amount of work is required.


Myth #2: Online is a procrastinator’s dream.

Truth: Students perform better when on a schedule.

Being able to set your own schedule is a benefit to most students who take classes online through the adult and graduate program. They are busy working adults with families and other obligations, and they value being able to do their work throughout the week at their own pace rather than sitting in a classroom for extended periods.  However, online programs may seem like a procrastinator’s dream because you can do the work whenever you like, or you can wait until the last minute. However, due to the accelerated schedule of Brenau’s online programs, it is beneficial to designate time for studies so that you’re not overwhelmed at the week’s end.


Myth #3: You don’t have to deal with people.

Truth: Online programs still have group work, discussions, and interactions.

People who are less social may gravitate toward online programs because they think they can avoid this type of interaction. However, this thought is far from the truth. Online degree programs at Brenau operate under the “cohort” model, which means that you progress through your courses with the same group of students for the duration of your program. Therefore, it’s necessary to interact with them in person relatively often in order to complete your projects.


Myth #4: You can lounge around all day.

Truth: This is not typical for Brenau students.

The fact is that most students in adult and graduate programs work full time and have families to care for. Going to class online is hardly a break for them because they’re constantly on the go.


In theory, it seems like the online delivery model would allow a student to slack off more and avoid social interaction. At Brenau, the opposite is true. The programs are accelerated, making for a rigorous and challenging learning environment. Brenau is aware of these challenges, which is why we provide support for our students every step of the way. Please visit our online learning platform to see how intuitive it is.

Brenau University awards degrees at a variety of levels: associate, bachelor’s, Education Specialists, master’s and doctorate. Check out our welcome video below to hear more about why students consider Brenau University the gold standard.