Gaza Rally
Anna K Frisk holds the sign she made for her AS100 class' peace in Gaza rally Wednesday afternoon outside of Yonah dining hall. "It is strengthening no matter what you stand up for." Frisk said about participating in the rally. "If you're standing up for something you do believe in you're going to be uplifted; like a power high."(Nick Dentamaro/Brenau University)

A Rally for Peace in Gaza at Brenau

Dec 5, 2012
Brenau Staff
Students in Dr. Ken Frank’s AS100 class took to the campus Wednesday, Nov. 28., to rally for peace in the Gaza Strip. Frank used the demonstration to give the students some first hand experience with the lessons in civil disobedience they are learning in class. 

“It takes everything we’ve learned in this class and puts it together.” Kayla Mullen, a student in the class, said about the rally. “We’ve talked and talked and talked about protest but getting out there and doing it is completely different.

After the rally, the students met back in the classroom to discuss what the demonstration meant to them. Dr. Frank asked questions and tried to drive home the importance of taking action with issues that the students find meaningful.

“Voting is such minimum thing,” Dr. Frank said. “I mean you all should vote, but even more important than voting is being aware and being involved.”