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We love our clinical partners who help us educate Brenau students to become effective practitioners. Find the resources you need here.

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General Information

Fieldwork is a valuable and vital component of the Occupational Therapy Program here at Brenau. Its purpose is to complement the curriculum by offering opportunities for the application of evidence-based interventions, clinical reasoning skills, and overall professional behaviors. Fieldwork may occur in a variety of settings including medical, community-based, or educational facilities. Through fieldwork, skills are gained that transition the individual from student to practitioner. (It is also important to note that clinical educators receive continuing education credits for supervision of students during their fieldwork).


Contact Us

We love to hear from past, present, and potential Fieldwork Educators. If you have questions or interest in accepting students, give us a call or send us an email!

Fieldwork Team Contact Information


What to expect as a Fieldwork Educator

How long does a fieldwork experience last? How often do I see my student? What should my student already know? What should my student learn during fieldwork? Find a brief overview of each level of fieldwork below that can help answer some general questions Fieldwork Educators may have.

Level I Fieldwork Summary

Level II Fieldwork Summary


General Resources

AOTA Fieldwork Data Form: This form is used to facilitate communication between occupational therapy programs, fieldwork sites, students, and fieldwork educators. It allows programs to document sites in order to satisfy accreditation requirements, while providing students with valuable site information regarding expectations and environment of the fieldwork site.

Liability Certificate (2013-2014): Fieldwork students are covered by Brenau’s blanket liability insurance policy. The details can be reviewed here.


EValue How To Help Guides

EValue is a cloud-based system used by Brenau and many other health sciences organizations to manage curriculum planning, biographical data, student medical records, fieldwork sites, and much more. For the Fieldwork Educator, EValue serves as the main tool to evaluate students’ fieldwork performance electronically. These “How To’s” guide you through the most common tasks you will complete on EValue as a Fieldwork Educator.

How To Complete A Fieldwork Educator Evaluation of Fieldwork Experience: Step by step guide to providing the university and fieldwork team with valuable feedback about your experience as a Fieldwork Educator with us.

How To Complete A Student Fieldwork Evaluation: Step by step guide to completing a performance evaluation of your student for that semester.

How To Review A Student’s Evaluation of the Fieldwork Experience (SEFWE): Step by step guide to reviewing student feedback on your performance as a Fieldwork Educator and the experience overall.

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