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Brenau University offers the Master of Science Occupational Therapy (MSOT) degree program for entry level professional preparation for occupational therapists. Students already possessing a bachelor’s degree may pursue the MSOT.

Choose the best pathway for you.

M.S.O.T. Program Locations: The program is offered at two different locations (Gainesville and North Atlanta/Norcross) with three program tracks: Gainesville Day program,  North Atlanta/Norcross Hybrid Weekend program, and North Atlanta/Norcross Hybrid Day program. All programs are cohort programs. All program tracks are full-time with high course loads. Students can expect to devote the majority of their time each week in class meetings, fieldwork, and assignments regardless of the program track selected.

Program pathway tracks:

Day Program at Gainesville

Our Day OT program track is a seven-semester weekday program. Students attend classes and fieldwork 4-5 days each weekday (and occasional evenings) on-ground, supplemented by online work. There are two full-time fieldwork semesters towards the end of the program. Students enter in the fall semester (August) and the deadlines for admission to this program track are in the preceding September and October. Students are advised that there is very limited time for outside employment, primarily on weekends.

Hybrid Weekend Program at North Atlanta/Norcross

Our Hybrid Weekend OT program is a nine-semester program track. Students attend on-ground classes on Friday afternoons and evenings and all day Saturdays for 8-9 weekends per semester. Students have a significant amount of online coursework every week. Six to eight hours of fieldwork during the weekday is required in some semesters, in addition to two full-time fieldwork semesters at the end. Students enter in the spring semester (January) and the deadlines for admission to this program track are in the preceding March and May. Students are advised that the program typically requires 30-40 hours of time every week, but allows for weekday flexibility for employment or family obligations.

Hybrid Day Program at North Atlanta/Norcross

Our Hybrid Day OT program track is a seven-semester hybrid weekday program. Students attend class and fieldwork 3 days/evenings a week on-ground (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and spend significant time in coursework online between class meeting times. The last two semesters are full-time fieldwork. Students enter in the summer semester (May) and the deadlines for admission to this program track are in the preceding September and October. Students are advised that there is a very limited time for outside employment, but more flexibility regarding weekday work hours.

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MSOT Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree*
  • Minimum 3.0 Overall GPA & 3.0 Prerequisite GPA
  • OT Shadowing hours – Substantial number (no set number) plus sustained volunteer or life experience with individuals who have disabilities
  • 3 Professional References (at least one from an OT) submitted through OTCAS using OTCAS form only

Submit both the OTCAS application and Brenau Graduate Application, plus submit all official transcripts to OTCAS. GRE is not Required.

* Additionally, highly qualified applicants without a bachelor’s degree who have at least 90 college credit hours may be considered for accelerated admission to the  MSOT program. The 90 credit hours must include all prerequisite coursework including 9 credit hours of upper division courses (300-400 level). Factors that would be considered for such students would include strong GPA (3.4 or better), a prior OTA degree and/or other relevant work experience.

Required of International Applicants:

  • Course-by-course NACES-approved transcript evaluation for any non-US courses to be sent directly to Brenau University
  • International Student English Language Requirement: Proficiency in the English language can be proven through submission of a minimum of one of the following:
  • ACT composite score of 19
  • IELTS score of 6
  • SAT total of 900 (verbal 450)
  • TOEFL Paper-based: score of 527
  • TOEFL Computer-based: score of 213
  • TOEFL Internet-based: score of 71
  • Or a grade of “C” or better in EH 101 & EH 102 from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university.

Prerequisite courses

These courses must be completed before starting the MSOT program.

PY 101 – Intro to Psychology

PY 202 – Human Growth & Development*

PY 309 – Abnormal Psychology

SY 101 OR AY 101 – Intro to Sociology or Anthropology

MS 205 – Introduction to Statistics

HS 200 – Medical Terminology

BY 209 – Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 credits with lab)*

BY 210 – Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 (4 credits with lab)*

CY 103 – Principles of Chemistry (4 credits with lab)

*Must be current within  5 years of program start date.

For a complete description of prerequisites please see the current catalog. You may apply while still in progress. However, please note that applicants who have completed all prerequisite courses are considered to be more competitive.

The university will accept most major courses taken within 15 years. Students who already possess a bachelor’s degree and who wish to complete some or all program pre-requisites at Brenau University may enroll in the Post Baccalaureate Pre-OT Program.  Click on the following link to view the Post Bacc Program Plan.

To apply to the Post Bacc Pre-OT Program visit the Brenau University application page and click the Undergraduate Application link.

Next Steps

Do you already have your bachelor’s degree and all prerequisite courses completed?

Apply to the MSOT program

Application instructions and deadlines: To apply for admission, complete both the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application System (OTCAS) application and complete the Brenau University Application for Graduate School. Send transcripts to OTCAS.

International applicants: Click here for Instructions for International Students


 New application cycle in OTCAS begins July 19, 2017, for MSOT cohorts starting May 2018, August 2018, and January 2019. 

Both Brenau and OTCAS applications and all documents must be received by the deadline listed below, and OTCAS applications must be coded as “Complete”. No applications accepted after deadline dates.





N.Atlanta/Norcross  Hybrid Day 2017

Sept. 15, 2017

October 16, 2017

May 2018

Gainesville Day 2017

Sept. 15, 2017

Oct. 16, 2017

August 2018

N.Atlanta/Norcross Hybrid Weekend 2018

March 15, 2018

May 11, 2018

January 2019

Do you have your bachelor’s degree but need to complete some or all of your prerequisite courses?

You may complete prerequisites at any regionally accredited institution, and you may apply to the MSOT while prerequisites are still in progress, provided all are completed prior to starting the MSOT.  We require at least 2 of the 3 science courses be completed when you apply. Please know that an applicant is considered to be more competitive if all prerequisite courses are completed by the time of  application.

You may also complete your prerequisites at Brenau by applying to the Post Baccalaureate Pre-OT Program. This 31-credit hour preparatory program requires a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for admission and you may begin any semester. Admission to the Post-Bacc does not guarantee admission to the MSOT program.  Several of the courses are available online. You may choose this route if you need all or even just one prerequisite course. Program participants may be eligible for financial aid.


Apply here to the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-OT Program.

Do you need a 4-year bachelor’s degree?

“I am a high school graduate” – start at the beginning and apply to Brenau University

“I have an associate’s degree or some college credits” – apply as a transfer student

For assistance regarding either the Post-Bacc or the undergraduate pathways to the MSOT, please contact  Brenau University Admissions Specialist Jamie Cushway, Office of Admissions (770) 534-6188 or


After completion of the MS, graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification examination administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). After successful completion of this exam, the individual will be an occupational therapist, registered (OTR). Most states require licensure to practice occupational therapy. State licenses are typically based in part on the results of the NBCOT certification examination. All applicants should be aware that the certification and licensing boards have the right to refuse to grant occupational therapy certification and/or licenses to any individuals regardless of their educational credentials under circumstances of: 1) falsification of application for certification/ licensure 2) conviction of a felony or crime of moral turpitude 3) other moral and legal violations specified in relevant state laws. An applicant who thinks he or she may have an applicable situation should talk with the department chair early in the program of study.

General inquiries:, +1-770-534-6299 or +1-800-252-5119 | Admissions:, +1-770-534-6100 or +1-800-252-5119 ext. 6100