Dementia Workshop Sessions

8:30 – 12:00 PM: Understanding Dementia: Seeing It from the Other Side

This session forms the core of all we will do in the workshop. The emphasis is on helping you see things differently. By the end of the morning, you will have some “AH HA” moments as you appreciate the impact of dementia on intake of data, processing of data, and therefore what the person will do, say, think, believe and is less likely and be able to do. The Gem Model will be introduced to address progressive changes over time with a positive perspective, focusing on what remains and what is unique and holds value, even as other things change and are lost.


1:00 – 4:00 PM: Building Hands On Skills for Interaction and Communication

We will build on what we now ‘know’ and understand about dementia as we develop new skills to better support and help. We will start with our approach, our cues, and our ability to connect. Then we will work on hands on ways of communicating and assisting with daily life and in times of distress. By the completion of the session, learners will have new tools that will be applied throughout the rest of the workshop.


4:00 – 5:00 PM: Assembling the Right Team for Care

Workshop participants will discuss the roles and responsibilities’ of caregivers, service, service providers, and community services for personalized care planning.  We will have the opportunity to learn about the support services available in north east Georgia for persons with dementia and their families.


Methods of teaching:

All sections will use a combination of lecture, discussion, role play, group interaction, case discussion, and problem-solving among learners to actively engage learners in the content. A DVD training disk, handouts, PowerPoint presentation, and role playing will be used throughout the session.