This is Brenau

Meet the Brenau Family

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Abby Bennett
Incoming Student
Alexis Anderson
Mass Communications
Anna Deeb
Assistant Professor of Communication
Ashley Carter
Director of Alumni Relations
Aubree Parker
Cairis Barron
Mass Communication
Crystal Ball
Registrar's Office
Dana Dolores
Physical Therapy
Faith Grooms
Early Childhood Education
Linda Kern
Dean of the Trustee Library
Madia Cooper-Ashirifi
Professor of Dance
Marissa Brown
Mass Communication
Nichole Ferguson
Gallery Director
Rachel Eck
Incoming Student
Sylvia Thrower
Organizational Leadership

Welcome Home

When our campuses reopen, make sure to schedule a visit. Our campus visit page has an up-to-date list of all on-campus events.

We are here for you

With lots of ways to connect, we’ll meet you where you are.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve been accepted to Brenau here are your next steps:

Welcome to Brenau

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted. Check out the video below for some helpful next steps from Freshman Admissions Specialist Madison Phillips.

congratulations text on a postcard. See text below.
Pearce Auditorium seen from the front lawn.

Financial Aid

At Brenau, we want to help you achieve your dreams and our Office of Financial Aid is here to help make them affordable. We have tools and other resources for your use and of course you can always contact our financial aid office directly at 770-534-6152 or