Degrees in Theatre

Classes are taught by Resident Faculty of Brenau University, University of North Georgia, and by our exciting roster of Professional Guest Artists. We believe that the strongest theatre artist is one who has a rich liberal arts education and a working knowledge of all aspects of theatre production and theory.


Theatre (B.A.)

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The B.A. in Theatre is a flexible, self-designed liberal arts degree providing a substantial grounding in the dramatic arts. Alongside GTA’s rigorous theatre core curriculum, B.A. students have the freedom to select a wide range of courses at multiple levels. The adaptable nature of this degree supports students’ future careers as performers, designers, directors, playwrights, dramaturgs, performance theorists, theatre historians, theatre educators, theatre managers, and much more.


Acting (B.F.A.)

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The B.F.A. in Acting is a comprehensive study in acting for both theatre and film, designed to prepare students for careers as lifelong working actors in today’s industry. GTA’s faculty of award-winning, working industry professionals teach in a supportive, focused, and intense environment for the developing artist. The B.F.A. acting degree encompasses challenging performance training—integrating voice, movement, and acting within a wide range of styles and techniques.


Musical Theatre (B.F.A.)

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The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre prepares students as competitive triple threats. With the support of the nationally-renowned Brenau University dance department and GTA’s award-winning musical theatre and acting faculty, this degree provides comprehensive training in music, acting, dance, and the integration of this training into cohesive performance technique.


Theatre Design & Technology (B.F.A.)

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The B.F.A. in Theatre Design and Technology uses hands-on experience and individualized mentorship to prepare students for myriad careers in the industry. Concentrations include costume design and technology, scene design and technology, lighting design and technology, sound design and technology, technical direction, and stage management. With access to GTA’s extensive and cutting-edge cross-campus facilities, this degree program provides abundant educational opportunities for developing designers and technicians.


Costuming for Film & Theatre (B.F.A.)

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The B.F.A. in Costuming for Film and Theatre provides individualized mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities designed to prepare students for professional costuming work. GTA’s well-connected faculty and staff are bolstered by the strength of Brenau University’s Fashion Design program in this unique degree focusing solely on the art of costume.


Scholarship Information & Audition Requirements:

Scholarships ranging from $1500 to full tuition are available in the theatre program. All scholarships are based on the student’s admission audition. To audition for the GTA program, please visit our GetAccepted site for audition dates, information, and requirements.