Music Audition Information

Next Scheduled Audition(s):

Thursday, April 4, 2019 (Piano)- This audition is a special invitation for high school pianists. The Department of Music invites all talented high school pianists, who have an interest in accompanying, to compete for prizes and an opportunity to win a full scholarship to Brenau University. The event will be held in Pearce Auditorium from 5-7 p.m. For more information, please contact Professor Ben Leaptrott at or at 678.613.8723. We hope you will join us.

Sunday, April 7, 2019 – The final audition of the academic year will be held during Spring Open House. For more information on Spring Open House and to register for this event, visit

Please contact the Chair of the Music Department, Barbara Steinhaus, at 770.534.6235 for more information or to schedule an individual appointment.



All students who wish to major in music must audition before acceptance into the music major program. Students will be placed in applied lessons and music courses of the appropriate level based on their entrance audition and diagnostic evaluation. Auditions are also used to assess students for the possibility of being awarded a talent-based scholarship.

Please read the audition requirements below and see the bottom of the page for the audition application.

In addition to the performance requirements listed below, all students will be evaluated in theory, ear-training, and sight-reading.


photos from the Leaptrott Trio concert in Pearce Auditorium on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. This was the first concert that the Dempsey Steinway was played in.Collaborative Pianists must perform TWO pieces from memory:

1. One sonata (or sonatina) movement from the Baroque or Classical period


2. One piece from the Romantic, Impressionistic, or Contemporary period (one of these pieces must be in a fast tempo).



Vocal Chamber Ensemble: Bach, Brahms, Bernstein



Vocalists must sing TWO standard English, Italian, French or German ART SONGS from memory.

(English may be substituted for any foreign language.)

Operatic arias and show tunes are disallowed.





Trumpet and Sheetmusic



Instrumentalists must perform TWO pieces from memory.

The two pieces should be in contrasting moods from the standard repertoire for the instrument.





Click HERE for an application, to be returned two weeks prior to your audition date.

Important Reminders:

1. Return your completed music application at least 2 weeks prior to your music audition.

2. Music scholarships are ONLY for music majors.

3. Students auditioning for scholarships must have already applied for admission to the college.

4. Audition times are set on a first come basis, according to receipt of audition application.

5. All auditions will be closed to the public.