Interior Design BFA / MID

Brenau’s CIDA accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design is awarded with the Master of Interior Design at the end of the program.  The BFA/MID combination provides an edge over other bachelor only degree programs, offering students liberal arts, business, design electives and the option to begin professional practice in their final year of study.

American Red Cross | Lauren Hagin

American Red Cross | Lauren Hagin

This program defines the need for the combined BFA/MID to advance the profession and align with allied professions such as architecture and business. The final year of study combines business and internship coursework along with advanced studio development.  Critical thinking, process, and three-dimensional development are at the core of the curriculum.  We believe all studio faculty need practice experience and NCIDQ certification to teach you what you need to know.


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Brenau University BFA/MID Student Achievement Data

Job Placement:  In the last four years, 84.2% of the students that graduated were employed in the field of interior design as of August 2016.  In addition, 5.3% of continued on to graduate school.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs:  In the last five years, 100% of the students that graduated and applied to graduate school were accepted

Graduation Rates: 71.4% of the (AY 08-09 Cohort) students graduated within 7 years of the 5 year combined BFA/MID program. Information on how this compares with other Brenau University disciplines can be found at

Retention/Attrition: The (fall-to-fall) retention rate for first-time, full-time entering students is 72.5%. (The attrition rate is 27.5%).


Upon completion of the BFA/MID program students will

Demonstrate evidence of a global perspective and ability to weigh design decisions within the parameters of ecological, socio-economic, and cultural contexts.

Demonstrate ability to apply human factors data and the theories of behavioral science to design solutions.

Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and the design process to creative problem solving within the interior environment.

Demonstrate ability to produce drawings from ideation through contract documents using a variety of media, techniques and technology.

Demonstrate knowledge of professional ethics and business practices.

Demonstrate knowledge of the history of interiors, architecture and art.

Demonstrate ability to apply the principles and elements of design in two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects.

Demonstrate ability to select and specify furniture, fixtures, equipment and finish materials in interior spaces.

Demonstrate knowledge of building systems and interior construction methods and materials.

Demonstrate ability to apply knowledge of laws, codes, and standards that impact the design of interior spaces.

Demonstrate ability to express ideas clearly in oral and written communication.


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