Noreen Connelly

M.S.D., Associate Professor of Interior Design, Interior Design Program Director.

Teaching is my second career after many years of design practice in several states. It seems a very natural progression to share my professional experience with the interior designers of the future. I see the role of educator at the university level as motivator, facilitator, and mentor. This is particularly true in the design studio as it is a combination of theoritical and practical knowledge. It is the educator’s function to encourage inquiry and experimentation and guide the development of the student’s skills. A supportive enviroment in the studio classroom that encourages risk-taking and, at the same time, sets standards for excellence is essential. Such an enviroment fosters creativity and advances student’s development in problem-solving and form-giving. Critiques must be honest and substantive to be meaningful. Lastly, teaching is a performing art, one that requires preparation and is enhanced by enthusiasm and a sense of humor.

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