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MFA Students

Cindy Bertoia, ID MFACindy Bertoia

My values and personal beliefs are the foundation of my teaching philosophy. I strongly advocate for the equality of opportunity.  It is the educator’s responsibility to identify and neutralize the influence of social power systems within the learning environment. Likewise, the cultural diversity of students must be acknowledged by the educator.  Students’ cultural norms may challenge the construction of knowledge or influence the students’ needs to speak or remain silent. Certainly, culture dictates positionality.  As the world becomes smaller through increased access to technology and travel, the learning environment becomes more diverse. It is the educator’s challenge to embrace these differences in the pursuit of equal participation.

Bertoia, Cindy MFA Interior Design Work


Lauren Holland, ID MFALauren Holland

My personal philosophy of education contains the underlying assumption that self-directed learning is not a solo endeavor. Instead, self-directed learning is most effective when accompanied by expert facilitation from the educator (Hatcher, 1997). This idea stems from the concept that all students need a stimulating atmosphere in which they can grow as a student and individual. In order to create such an atmosphere I believe there are two key elements, a teacher who acts as a guide for the student and a student’s natural curiosity to direct his or her learning. When the teacher functions as a guide, providing access to information rather than acting as the primary source of information, the students’ search for knowledge is met as they learn to find answers to their questions. For students to construct knowledge, they need the opportunity to discover on their own and practice skills in authentic situations. Providing students’ access to hands-on activities and allowing adequate use of materials that reinforce content create an opportunity for both individual discovery and construction of knowledge to occur.

Holland, Lauren MFA Interior Design Work



BFA/MID Students


Lauren Armour, ID BFA/MIDLoren Armour

Interior design is a profession that affects people’s lives every day. It is a service that is committed to the health, safety and welfare of the public throughout the world. As a dedicated interior designer, I solve spatial issues with scale, proportion, color and contrast; desiring the highest functionality for every space. Using design elements and principles, every design can enhance and dictate various moods or feelings, giving clients their desired atmosphere. It is my responsibility as a designer is to create spaces that are timeless and functional, servicing the public in the present and the future.

Armour, Lauren BFA/MID Interior Design Work


April Eden, ID BFA/MIDApril Eden

Interior design is not just about the aesthetics of the space, but if done correctly the design can truly help to protect the health, safety and wellness of the end users. Interior design has really touched me personally, and I believe it has limitless possibilities of affecting each generation, young and old, who will likely experience some of life’s most emotional moments, from within interior walls. It is my passion as a designer to create a space that is not only functional, but also inviting and comfortable for the end users. Interior design has boundless opportunities to improve one’s everyday interiors no matter where it may be: A space needs not only to be beautiful and but it also needs to be accessible and comfortable, as well as functional, because the overall design plays a large part in how the space is used and even in the user’s overall disposition.

Eden, April MFA Interior Design Work


Katie Rothfritz, ID BFA/MIDKatie Rothfritz

As a recent graduate from Brenau University, I am open to any and all opportunities in the interior design field. I received a Masters of Interior Design and Bachelors in Fine Arts Degree from Brenau. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and a Minor in Art History from the University of Mississippi “Ole Miss”. I am currently looking for design opportunities in the Houston, Texas area.

I strongly believe that designers can affect the way people feel and function inside a space. We spend most of our lives indoors, so it is the designer’s responsibility to ensure the environments created for the public are environmentally safe, operationally efficient, maintainable and attractive. I am excited to learn more and share my passion for design with other design professionals.

Rothfritz, Katie MFA Interior Design Work


Jessica Skyrme, ID BFA/MIDJessica Skyrme

I believe my job, as a designer is being a problem solver. I am hired to listen to the issues, wants and needs of my clients. Then I am to pool my knowledge and resources together to develop solutions to those problems, but it is not just one solution, it is multiple. I always like to have a plan B, C and even D sometimes. A good designer never runs out of ideas and/or solutions to problems.

Also, it is my job to create an atmosphere. The feeling you get when you walk in a space, good or bad is due to the aesthetic of the space. The paint color the type of lighting and even the number of windows can have a positive or negative effect of a person. As a designer it is my responsibility to always be thinking about how others might react to the space I am designing.

Skyrme, Jessica BFA/MID Interior Design Work


Austin Smith, ID BFA/MIDAustin Smith

Interior design is about passion, the passion to create beautiful yet functional spaces. As an Interior Designer, I have an ethical responsibility to my client, the public and myself. Creating a space in which my client desires and approves of is my duty, but in doing so, I must be enthusiastic and passionate about my work and most importantly, I must always remember the health, safety and welfare of the public. As I have heard before and now say, great design starts with an idea and it is up to us, as designers, to make that idea a reality.

Smith, Austin BFA/MID Interior Design Work


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