Kerri Lambert

Kerri Lambert graduated from Brenau in 2006 with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography.  She went to the University of Oklahoma for graduate school, and finished her MFA in Dance in 2011. 

She is now teaching at the University of South Carolina; she is the administrative director of the USC Dance Conservatory and the SC Summer Dance Conservatory; she teaches technique for the conservatories and she’s an adjunct faculty member for USC Dance, teaching Dance Appreciation, Dance History, and The Dancer’s Body.

Here, Kerri explains in her own words how a dance major from Brenau University prepared her for life after college and a fulfilling career in dance:

“I took my first classes in teaching methods, dance history, anatomy, and kinesiology at Brenau, all of which I use here every day.  One of the greatest benefits was the teaching methods lab with Diane Callahan, in which I had practical experience applying theoretical knowledge.  All the technique classes and performing opportunities were very valuable, and are now useful to me in a different way; I think about the how and why of the decisions my instructors and directors made, so I can make good decisions myself. 

Improvisation and all the choreography classes at Brenau also started me on a path I find most fulfilling of all my responsibilities, which is creating new ballets.  It was careful, thorough grounding, with three different instructors along the way all offering something different.

As I plan concerts I fall back often on the backstage experience I had working crew and running sound.  Not only can I communicate with lighting designers and the stage manager, but you never know what you’ll be asked to do!

This brings me to one of the greatest lessons I took from my experience at Brenau; I had so many wonderful opportunities to do more, to go above and beyond, and as a teacher now I realize that it was because the faculty were willing to go above and beyond.  They created those opportunities.  I want to pass that on.”


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