Studio Art

Studio art majors receive broad foundation instruction in initial courses in drawing, painting, ceramics, digital graphic design, photography and sculpture, enabling them to build general knowledge of materials and technical skills. The history of art is addressed in two survey courses and an additional, upper level course in aesthetics and criticism. A studio art concentration is chosen as soon as possible, channeling the student into one of three categories: drawing and painting, ceramics or sculpture. In more advanced courses of a chosen track, the development of individual style and conceptual thought is fostered, therefore preparing the student for the possibility of eventual post-graduate study in a selected field. This possibility is most enhanced by the senior studio major’s preparation and exhibition of a portfolio of selected works as well as a final project, in which works are thematically and aesthetically unified to make a greater statement. Even though concentrations in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional art forms provide the student with a specialization, elective coursework and the freedom provided by a private, liberal arts community enables that same student to explore mixed media and truly develop her artistic voice.


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Studio Art Program Plan

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